Enrollment Procedure and Requirements

1. Fill up Application Form then specify the chosen Track / Strand.

2. Submit all the requirements.

  • Filled up application form

  • Form 138 (Report Card)

  • Form 137 (Entire Record)

  • 2 x 2 Colored Photos White background.

  • Birth Certificate (Original copy and xerox)

  • Certificate of Good Moral

3. Proceed to the Office of the Student Affairs to get your schedule.

4. Proceed to Registrar’s Office Fill up Registration Form and Admission Slip. ( For non-voucher students, pay the minimum downpayment before filling up the Registration Form and Admission Slip )

5. For non-voucher students, go to the Accounting Office for the assessment of payments.

6. Proceed to Registrar’s Office for Releasing of Official Schedule and Validation of Enrollment.

7. Come back for the Orientation together with your parent / guardian.

8. Come back for the Opening of Classes.