Enrollment Procedure and Requirements

The process starts at the Admissions Office of Royal British College, Inc. after the student passed the entrance examination and continues to the point when he/she submits admission requirements.

  • Application Form

  • Original Copy of Form 138 (Report Card)

  • Certified true copy of Birth Certificate (PSA/NSO)

  • 2 x 2 ID picture White background.

  • Birth Certificate (Original copy and xerox)

  • Certificate of Good Moral

1. Upon completion of the requirements at the Admissions Office, students proceed to the Registrar’s office for submission of original copies of Entrance Credentials and issuance of Enrolment Assessment Form (EAF).

2. The student will then be required to proceed to the Budget Management Office for checking and     validation of the assessment form.

3. Upon validation, the student will then proceed to the Cashier’s Office for payment.

4. Upon payment, the next step would be to go to the Clinic for medical and dental evaluation.

5. After the said evaluation, the student must visit the RGO for uniform measurement and ID picture   taking.

6. Finally, the student will come back for the Orientation and for the Opening of Classes.